Being romantic is something that Elia, with his italian roots, is no stranger to. His latest single “Thrilling Peace” lays out the power present on the battlefield of love through reflective lyrics and a compelling vocal performance. This “Italian dreamer” is impossible not to root for and is breaking out of the gate in 2018 with a full head of steam, assuring him his rightful spot as one of Italy’s most promising indie artists.

Elia’s “Thrilling Peace” is a touching track that is really a multi-media experience; one needs to watch the video to see the beautiful Renaissance visuals that accompany Elia’s vocals. The track is wholly unique, with vocals placed at the fore. These vocals pull double duty in that they both weave a story and contribute to the overall harmonies of the single. Thrilling Peace is a track with a high replay value. The dynamic between the instrumentation and the lyrics are such that listeners will continue to find new and exciting things months after an initial spin.

When Elia decided to start making make music at the age of 22, he instantly committed himself to the art. Music became his inspiration and motivation to live life to the fullest. His hard work and passion for songwriting is what ultimately assisted him in producing his last single The Question, and developing his signature pop sound that features elements of Latin, Alternative, and Pop music. These influences come through in the magic atmosphere and romantic lines of “Thrilling Peace,” undoubtedly his best effort yet!

Soragna, located on the north valleys of Italy, sets the backdrop of the Renaissance “Thrilling Peace” music video. The ancient castle, tall oak trees, and charming garden establish the classical love battle scene aesthetic. Armed guards, evil queen and an arranged marriage, fit perfectly into the scene. Elia is shown as an ordinary man, who fights for his lover. His only weapons are strong will, courage and a bunch of loyal friends. 

Close up shots of Elia add to the song’s intensity and deepen the emotional quality.

This music video is beautifully done, and complements the song perfectly.


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