Elia Pazzini- known to most simply as Elia- was born in Italy. His musical path began recently, at the age of 22. In some ways, it saved his life. Stuck in not only a painful relationship, but also an academic life path that was conventional but unfulfilling, Elia found solace in inspiration in his music. Interestingly enough, Elia had no formal training, but rather sat down on the beach with an iPad and an idea, and his musical career was born. Since that time there’s been no turning back for Elia.

Although his music is primarily pop, he takes influence from a variety of genres- like dance, Latin, rock, and indie- that results in a fresh take on pop music. Elia's versatility is endless, but no matter the sound of the song, he always hopes to show authenticity through his lyrics, melodies, and vocals.